FORWARD team runs in the exclusive relay race on 11th ABA Olympic Day


It was a great show of team spirit when the ABA FORWARD Team participated in the special relay race organized for them at the 11th ABA Olympic Day, one of the biggest annual attractions for ABA Group staff members.


The 11th Olympic Day hosted by Ali Bin Ali Group to mark Qatar’s National Sport Day took place at Doha’s Al Arabi Sports Club on February 13, amid much fanfare and with the participation of almost 4,000 employees and their families.


The relay race organized for the FORWARD team was exclusively meant for those involved in the project. Team members from HR, Admin, IT, PMO, QQP, Finance and Shared Services gathered for an exciting show on the track. The 400-meter race required each member of the team to run 100 meters and pass on the baton to the next member.


While all the four teams gave their best shot, Team QQP, including Junaiz Odakkal, Frank George, Sirikanda Raja Periyasamy and Manura Prasanga, emerged the winners. Each member of the victorious team won attractive gift vouchers from Monoprix.



Congratulations! Keep on moving FORWARD

FORWARD ERP teams fight it out at Qatar Bowling Center


Taking a break from their hectic work schedule, members of the FORWARD pilot divisions and Project Management Team gathered for the much-anticipated FORWARD Bowling Tournament. 

Held at Qatar Bowling Center on Tuesday, January 30, 2017, the event generated a lot of excitement. 

The tournament featured a total of 12 teams, with five bowlers each, from the ABA Head Office HR, Admin, ABA Finance, ABA Printing Press, QQP, Head Office IT and ERP PMO. 

FORWARD Project Executive Sponsor/COO ICT Mr. Mohamad A. Ebrik, ABA PMO Manager Mr. Youssef Farajallah Mahmoud and Intrasoft’s Mr. Amer Dakhqan were present on the occasion and participated in the tournament.

The teams were all set to give their best shot as they gathered for the event at 7:30pm. After a thrilling and competitive first round, the top six teams – HR Team 1, HR Team 2, IT, ABA Finance, Printing Press and QQP– made it to the next and final round. 

While all the finalists scored an impressive total, the HR Team 1, under the captaincy of Mr. Ajay Daniel John, played exceptionally well to win the tournament with a score of 600 points. 

The Finance Team bagged the second position with a total of 518 points.

The winning teams were presented trophies and medals by Mr. Youssef and Group Corporate Communications Manager Mr. Imad Hashim.

Also, Mr. Naresh Kumar – winner of the FORWARD Facebook contest – was awarded a gift voucher for answering all the questions correctly.

Speaking about the event, Mr. Ebrik said: “It was a well-deserved break for the entire team and we all had a fun evening. The team has been working relentlessly and have not taken a break since the first Go Live in February 2017. I believe that we should have more such team building activities as we roll-out in other divisions.” 


FORWARD moves a step ahead, goes live at ABA Medical

Adding yet another feather in the cap of the super-efficient FORWARD initiative, the Supply Chain Management of Ali Bin Ali Medical went live with ERP application on Monday, November 13. The FORWARD team and ABA Medical’s staff gathered at the Head Office to flag off the journey.


The meeting mainly aimed at addressing the Division’s Go Live preparation, Go Live and post-Go Live activities. The Medical team was also briefed on the magnitude of the project and the effect it would have on business processes.


The Medical Division was chosen to be one of the four pilot sites for this challenging project because it is a unique business model in ABA with a diligent and dedicated workforce that is up to the challenge.


Introduction of the system is a major transformation for the Medical Division and it will automate procedures – thereby making operations more efficient. It was a monumental challenge to implement the system.


General Manager of ABA Medical Mr. Zuhdi Al-Jaouni played a key role in the initiative and left no stone unturned to facilitate the process and properly channel the efforts of the team to ensure success. He was very aptly supported by Assistant General Manger Mr. Mamdouh A Al-Yazouri.


Speaking about the new application, Mr. Jaouni said, “The ERP system will benefit ABA Medical in more ways than one. The initial days may not be very smooth but once we all get used to it, there will be no looking back. ERP will change the way we operate our business.”


As with previous divisions, a support structure has been set up to make the transition process smooth. Subject matter experts, super users and consultants are working with the Intrasoft team to make sure that the system is working smoothly and all business transactions are running correctly and efficiently. 


Congratulations to the FORWARD team for yet another achievement and wish you success for rest of the ERP journey.

140 days since Forward e-HR Partner ‘Go Live’

We have completed 140 days since the Forward e-HR Partner ‘Go Live’. On this occasion, we want to share with you some important information about the system and how it is affecting ABA’s daily HR and Admin operations.


Forward e-HR Partner is already achieving the objectives for which it has been implemented.


The Self Service HR facility is the most ‘visible’ component of the system, which is handling and processing requests from all ABA staff members. The usefulness, ease of use and reliability of the system are becoming more evident with time and through users’ interactions.


Thanks to the dedication, commitment and hard work of the e-HR Partner implementation team (Business Partners, HR Division coordinators, Help Desk staff), we are almost ready to completely replace the old HRMS with the Forward e-HR Partners.


System Statistics

Number of transactions performed by e-HR Partner ‘Go Live’: 12,545.

Company letters request    2,138

Documents of record          69

Education and qualification                37

Other professional qualification       72

Medical insurance request                57

Personal information          952

Ticket information request   1,323

Exit permit request   279

Change bank account request 123

Self-service generic

Approval process   4,312

Training request   179


Forward Help Desk


Integral to the Forward system’s full implementation at ABA is the establishment of a support mechanism for the system. Accordingly, part of the Forward system support is the Forward Help Desk, which was launched simultaneously with the e-HR Partner Go Live. The Forward Help Desk is run by the ABA IT Department and located within the department.


The Forward Help Desk has received 1,954 requests, closing 1,840 requests to date – which accounts for around 95% of all requests.

ABA Group’s ERP Project ‘FORWARD’ makes yet another leap and is moving into phase 2

The ABA Group’s ERP project “Forward” has just reached a new milestone. Following a successful “Go Live” of our Human Capital Management (HCM) track, Forward is now confidently striding on to its second phase to include the Finance, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Divisions.

Symbolizing this progress and equipping the Group to take on the next step, a Super User Orientation program – titled “Moving Forward” – was held on 6th April 2017 at Crowne Plaza Doha’s Business Park.

The orientation, which was conducted in a workshop style, was attended by Super Users, Functional Track Leads and ABA SMEs who were led through the a process of awareness and capacity building on the way FORWARD will be implemented and integrated with the existing system.

Speaking at the workshop Mr. Albert Bamboukian, Project Director offered his thoughts in an encouraging speech saying, “We are all citizens of the ABA family and this exact sense of belonging is what will help us ‘Move Forward’. There is no opportunity for us to stop now. Given the challenges, competition & the fast changing environment in the market, we need to keep ourselves a step ahead. We need to be effective and efficient. Our work has to get us the results that matter. ‘Let’s make it happen’ should be our motto. I am confident that we will work as a team to achieve more, for the Ali Bin Ali Group and for everyone.”

Also present at the workshop were Mr Marc Karam (General Manager, Pepsi), Mr Ganesh PK (Group general manager – Finance), Mr Viji Kurian (General Manager – International Agencies), and Mr. Philip Cherian (Finance Planning & Reporting manager).

They also added their sentiments focusing on change being important for growth and how future-focused the FORWARD project is. They reassured those gathered that while the journey would include many challenges, the end result would be rewarding for all.

Mr. Nabil Mourad (COO FMCG) addressed the participants via a video recorded message. He emphasized the importance of FORWARD to ABA Group’s future growth, and confirmed FMCG Division’s commitment to the success of Forward implementation.

Adding an element of fun to the event, a team-building activity took place where, participants were challenged to solve three sets of puzzle that revealed the key messages for the Finance and SCM tracks.

The workshop also included a joint presentation made by Youssef Farajallah Mahmoud (ABA Group PMO manager) and Amer Dakhqan (Intrasoft Project manager), during which they briefed Super Users on the status of the FORWARD project, the achievements and goals. They also discussed the challenges ahead and the role of the Super Users in addressing them.

The event was concluded with a thank you note from Mr Bamboukian and the promise that everyone will work together to make the project a success, taking the Ali Bin Ali Group to new heights.

ABA Forward’s e-HR Partner goes Live!

The ABA Forward HCM system, the e-HR Partner, went live on Sunday (Feb 12) following nearly yearlong preparations and hard work by the ABA Forward team. To mark the occasion, the core HCM team came dressed in the branded Forward T-shirts.

The e-HR Partner, which is one of the biggest internal projects of Ali Bin Ali Group, will empower the business and the people who drive it as well as increase efficiency.

The e-HR partner system was launched on Sunday morning and an email with the e-HR Partner URL has been sent out to all ABA staff members, which also includes their username and initial password. The team has been busy all day, answering all kinds of queries that have started coming in after the big launch.

e-HR Partner is a Human Resources Management system that enables enterprise people management processes. The e-HR partner will integrate information from different applications into one universal database and eliminate the need to re-enter data. It will provide new and enhanced features such as e-Recruitment, eLeave, Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service.

For the first two months after the launch of the HCM system, there will be a period of Parallel Run during which ABA Group will measure the performance of the new Oracle HCM system through using the old “Legacy HRMS” as a yardstick.

To make the transition smooth and manage the change, the Forward team has established a Help Desk for the Forward ERP, including HCM, with the support of ABA IT Department. The HR coordinators of all the divisions will mediate between the employees and the Help Desk in order to address any kind of concern or feedback the staff may have.